About Us

Sairui Mall is the sixth company of the sairui group in China founded in 2008 by Zhang Yuan, who is one of the top 10 entrepreneurs in China. It has its factory in Zhejiang Province, Luhai city.

Sairui mall was established in Africa on the 29th of March 2019, precisely in Ghana, with its headquarters in Accra.

Sairui mall is an e-commerce platform that creates direct relationship between manufactures, retailers and consumers worldwide. The company uses the new  E-commerce system called the “New Retail” system where members can buy and sell its product online on the Sairui Mall App.

Sairui is into quantum Energy which is the future of energy health.

Official Website

Contact Office 1

45 Obio IMO Street Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.
16 Grace Bill Road, Eket, Akwa Ibom State.

Contact Office 2

Eugene Shopping Centre,14 Woji Road, Rumuogba, Porthacourt, River State.

Registration PLAN

One time Registration of (NGN 9,500 for VIP1

VIP 1 Total Pack cost = $25 (N9,500.00). NOTE: NO TRADING.

One time Registration plus trading capital of (NGN 53,200) for VIP2

VIP 2 Total Pack cost: $140 (N53,200)

Take home profit
  • Every 10 days = $7..(#2,660)

  • Every Month = $21..(#7,980)

  • Plus product...$150..(#57,000)

One time Registration plus trading capital of (NGN 106,400‬) for VIP3

VIP 3 Total Pack cost: $280 (N106,400)

Take home profit
  • Every 10 days = $14 (#5,320)

  • Every Month = $42.(#15,960)

  • Plus product...$300..(#114,000)

One time Registration plus trading capital of (NGN 319,200) for VIP4

VIP 4 Total Pack cost: $840 (N319,200)

Take home profit
  • Every 10 days = $42 (#15,960)

  • Every Month = $126 (#47,880)

  • Plus product...$900..(#342,000)

One time Registration

plus trading capital of (NGN 638,400) for VIP5

VIP 5 Total Pack cost: $1680 (N638,400)

Take home profit
  • Every 10 days = $84 (#31,920)

  • Every Month = $252 (#95,760)

  • Plus product...$1800..(#684,000)

Sairui Profit Investment


Service CHAIN profit are earnings one can get when you recruit new members to the business and/or from one’s network on *SAIRUI MALL when new members come under your network whether you are the SPONSOR or not.

Such earnings span from;

  • Referral Bonus – 20%
  • Matching Bonus – 12%
  • TRADING Bonus – 3%, 2%
  • Pool Bonus
  • Boutique Bonus

You can earn as high as $300 – $600 daily on this !


  • This is the investment part of SAIRUI E-COMMERCE where one makes a profit every 10days from an investment made once!!!
    STORE PROFIT gives PROFIT on every TRADING INVESTMENT made on Sairui E-COMMERCE Nigeria Limited.
  • You earn 15% ROI every 30days in STORE PROFIT when you engage on SAIRUI 10DAYS-TRADE-CYCLE for 3 times!
  • You don’t refer to earn every 10days!
  • You don’t sell products to earn every 10days!
  • You don’t refer people to withdraw likewise
  • Your TRADING CAPITAL buys off products at wholesale prices which the COMPANY sells for you at Retail prices and earn you a profit from this trade every 10days (TRADING capital + profit)

Why Sairui

  • SAIRUI is in 20countries of the world and registered in Nigeria with competent financial regulatory agencies.
  • SAIRUI pays every VIP member who is trading every 10days in NAIRA, DOLLARS, BITCOIN OR SAIRUI PEER-TO-PEER SYSTEM
  • SAIRUI gives you Boutique points for FREE shopping!
  • SAIRUI gives you a profit of 23.33% of your Trading Capital every month (30days) or 15% of your total investment monthly plus FREE PRODUCTS a 3-times trade cycle for the month.
  • SAIRUI pays 3% and 2% trading bonuses!
  • SAIRUI pays you Pool bonus (50% of sales on a network is split to everyone on that network)
  • SAIRUI pays 20% referral bonus for each sign up.
  • SAIRUI does not require any monthly autoship/subscription
  • SAIRUI gives you FREE Quantum Energy products every 10days.
  • SAIRUI gives cars, international TRIPS, electronic gadgets, etc as your points keep accumulating
  • SAIRUI does not wipe your points ever


+234 9065000600