Energy Socks



In addition to changing the material, style and comfort level of socks,

what can we continue to change

Energy socks, opening a new era in the sock industry,

1. 7 Days Deodorization

2. Foot Bottom   Warming

3. Magic Socks

4、Electrostatic Elimination

In addition:

Foot acupoint meridian connects internal organs of the body, foot care is an indispensable part of the summer.

Foot–The second heart of the human body, the engine of health

-Promote plantar heating

The socks are implanted after 48 hours of energy loading in the terahertz energy transfer module, which can carry high-frequency resonant energy waves beneficial to human body, promote the microcirculation of the foot bottom, and thus achieve the effect of rapid warming of the foot bottom.

-The use of German nano silver ion antibacterial technology, can effectively inhibit the breeding of bacteria, to avoid foot odor, beriberi, athlete’s foot and other foot diseases

-xinjiang long wool combing cotton is selected, with excellent air permeability, moisture absorption and perspiration removal, and the materials and technology have reached the highest deodorization level in China.

May your health start with your feet



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