Magic Quantum Energy Underpants



When a quantum underwear touches the skin, it emits hundreds of millions of high-frequency vibration quantum energy waves per second, which can go through the skin, directly to muscles, subcutaneous tissues and blood flow, and have high-frequency resonance with the energy of human cells. When quantum energy is absorbed by human body, most of it is converted into heat energy, which promotes the flow rate of microcirculation and accelerates metabolism. It is conducive to the removal of blood vessel hoards and harmful substances in the body, such as lipid plaques, fouling, thrombosis, etc.

1.Repeated washing, energy does not decrease.

2. Antibacterial, bacteriostatic, bactericidal, enhance immunity.

3. Activating cells, promoting blood circulation and dredging microcirculation.

4. Improve the prostate gland, thoroughly solve scrotal dampness, frequent urination, urgency, incomplete urination.

5. Improve low back pain.

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