Quantum Belly Button

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Quantum products have the characteristics of high-frequency resonance, and the power of resonance is particularly large. Quantum energy products can activate the activity of all human cells, so that all cells are in a state of resonance, so the quantum navel paste loses weight compared with ordinary navel stickers. Health care body effect is more obvious!

As the saying goes: “Ten people are nine wet, ten women are nine cold”

Cold and wet invading, so there will be physical weakness, cold and other discomfort

90% of the illness that afflicts the body comes from the body’s heavy weight.

  1. The navel is called a god’s acupoint by Chinese medicine, and it is also called “healthy health point”.

The navel is connected to the whole body meridian, inlined with internal organs

2.  medication in the navel, can be spread throughout the body through the meridian

It is equivalent to doing a whole body care!

It can warm up the yang, dampness and dispel cold, and regulate the stomach.

3. Quantum belly button paste innovative paste

Cold hands and feet, stick a sticker, warm

Puffy edema, stick a paste, moisture is scattered, belly is getting smaller

Poor spleen and stomach, posted a paste, appetite and digestion have recovered.


Material: slim patch

Color: White as picture show

Quantity: 15pcs/box

Package: 1box slim patch


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