Quantum Ring




 When you wear quantum rings for a long time, quantum bracelets have the effect of improving microcirculation:

1. Prevent static electricity and reduce radiation: Quantum energy waves have the function of eliminating static electricity on human and animal skin.  The success rate can reach more than 90%.  Long-term wear can effectively prevent the harm of electromagnetic radiation to the human body.

2. Prevent mouse hand: long-term wear, can effectively prevent and regulate tenosynovitis, chronic arthritis and mouse hand and other syndromes.

3. Improve skin quality: long-term wear, improve skin quality, increase skin elasticity, delay aging, eliminate age spots and other effects.

4. Wearing a quantum ring, climbing stairs, labor will obviously feel the increase in endurance and strength; it can help children, the disabled and the elderly to enhance the balance, avoid falling, reduce injuries; improve flexibility.

5. Dredge blood vessels: use the finger to hold the quantum ring, roll the acupuncture points on the wrist, improve the microcirculation, natural friction produces a warming effect, to achieve the purpose of through the active.  Stabilize the autonomic nerves and repair new traumas such as sprains, cuts, blood stasis due to bruises, redness and swelling, and even oozing blood, which quickly relieves swelling and pain.

6. adhere to wearing a few weeks can soothe and improve the cold body, caused by hand cold, cramps, and hand numbness, the efficiency is about 80%.


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